In the beginning God said, “Let there be light!” God filled his creation with light and he saw that it was good. But then creation fell into darkness and needed his light to break through once and for all. This Christmas we celebrate that God, the creator of all things, sent his son into the world to light up the darkness. Because of Jesus, and the light that he brings, there is hope in the darkest of places. With Jesus darkness is done!

Whether you come to campus, or join us online, we want you to experience God’s light in your life. Join us this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus: the light of the world!



Thursday, December 23rd

Friday, December 24th
2PM | 4PM | 6PM | 11PM*

Sunday, December 26th

* Candlelight Family Services
(no kids ministry programming)


Friday, December 24th
3PM | 4PM
Family Services
(no kids ministry programming)

Sunday, December 26th



  • Are all the services the same?

    Our two candlelight services, 11pm Friday & 9am Sunday, will be a different service, ending with our traditional candle lighting. All of services will be a special Christmas experience celebrating the birth of Christ!

    We would encourage you to attend both if you can!

  • Will there be kids programming?

    There will be full kids programming for all of our Christmas services except our two Candlelight Services, 11pm Friday & 9am Sunday.

  • Where can I tune into the services online?

    All of our services are available at The live stream will be available 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each service. Use that time to make sure your audio and video is working, as well as to chat with other people who are tuning in!

  • What will the service look like?

    We have lively weekend services that are focused on Jesus, and Christmas will be no different. You will experience live music, passionate teaching from the Bible, and a time of Communion (open to anyone who believes in Jesus), prayer and offering. Our Christmas services will be family friendly services with familiar Christmas songs and celebration of the Christmas story.

    Our Candlelight services will also be a wonderful family friendly service to inspire your spirit and celebrate our savior. Whether on campus or online, join us in singing familiar Christmas songs, hearing the story of Christmas, and our traditional candle lighting.