The Pearson family – Marcus, Ann, Will, and Amelia – have served in Nicaragua since 1995. They work with new and existing congregations on community development projects designed to bring unity and robust spiritual growth. Programs include two Christian schools with a combined enrollment of over seven hundred students.  The mission base in Nicaragua also serves as a distribution hub for Feed Nicaragua supplies, sending out meals and supplies to many sites throughout the country. The newest ministry is an evangelistic outreach to the remote Miskitu tribal areas. The effort includes church planting, a radio ministry and clean water projects.  A dedicated team of more than 30 Nicaraguans serve as pastors and school staff alongside the Pearsons.

The Country

The majority of Nicaraguans live on less than three dollars a day. Although many are Christians, the lack of education and family stability can make discipleship very difficult. Physical poverty opens the doors for great spiritual oppression which the established churches struggle to confront. Harvest Initiative’s education programs offer Christ-centered elementary and secondary education, confronting the reality that half of all school age children do not attend school at all. It is a very young country demographically; over 60% of the population is under age 25, making the present a prime season for evangelism.  Daunting social problems prevail – for instance, over half of households are headed by single women.  In spite of these problems, the Lord is working to bring salvation and spiritual maturity to those men and women who will seek Him.


Send a child in Nicaragua to a Christian school. Your sponsorship will pay for the child’s education, school fees, and meals. There is just one sponsor per child and 100% of the money goes to the children. Just $30/month.

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