Benny Bryant

Cory Boss

Doug Wiley

Scott Cox

Brett Gibson

Doug Heinrich

Josh Plymale

Lead Team

Nikomas Perez

Lead Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 126

Nick Ballard

Formations Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 128

Monte Hunt

Creative Arts Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 110

Pam Ralls

Operations Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 107

Doyle Roth

Mobilization Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 103

Bailey Schott

Executive Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 123

Creative Arts

Lauren McLeester

Media Arts Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 156

Brad Stretar

Worship Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 131

Joseph Hartmann

Production Director

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636.928.7651 x 100

Charlyn Mwihaki

Online Media Director

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636.928.7651 x 106

Jim Politte

Technical Director

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636.928.7651 x 138

RandaKay Sitzes

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 104

Kim Windsor

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 130

Next Gen

Matt Porritt

Middle School Pastor

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636.928.7651 X 151

Joseph Roth

Elementary Pastor

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636.928.7651 X 127

Sam Skaggs

High School Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 133

Terra Bryant

Student Worship Director

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Marcia Visnack

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 139


Roger Clark

Adult Ministry Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 119

Keith Nelson

CARE Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 105

Meg Skaggs

Groups Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 146

Jeni Voss

CARE Pastor

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636.928.7651 x116

Justin Wood

Groups Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 115

Kylee Boldman

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 101

Sherry Bollinger

Ministry Assistant

Email Sherry

636.928.7651 x 125


Carissa Figgins

Local Outreach Pastor

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636.528.0566 x 160

Kevin Hamilton

Global Outreach Pastor

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636.928.7651 x 140

Don Sanders

Leadership Development Pastor / Director, The Merold Institute

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636.928.7651 x 150

Brendon Foulke

Next Steps Director

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636.928.7651 x 111

Janice Fleming

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 124


Stephen Zumbehl

Facilities Manager

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636.928.7651 x 135

Josh Benoist

IT Manager

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636.928.7651 x 118

Kevin Webster

Facilities Assistant Manager

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636.928.7651 x 137

Scott Baker

Facilities Specialist

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636.928.7651 x145

Darren Deane

Facilities Specialist

Phil Windsor

Facilities Specialist

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Carol Evans

Ministry Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 100

Wendy Wise

Finance Assistant

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636.928.7651 x 109


Gustavo Vega

Campus Pastor

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Grant Sanders

Worship and Students Pastor

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Jenn Wyble

Kids Director

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636.528.0566 x 153

Erin Gooch

Ministry Assistant

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