• How Do I Connect to a Group?

    What We Do:

    We’re excited to get you connected to a Harvester Group, and to help us do that, we’d like to invite you to join us for our next Group Connection Space!

    At Harvester, we believe community is an important part of becoming like Jesus, but we have learned that “one size does NOT fit all.” We understand our role to be helping you discover the community that God has in store for you by providing this space for you to meet people, make connections, and identify clear next steps for you to step into community with those people.

    Our next 3-week Group Connection space will take place in January-February 2024.

    Registration will open in January.

    Contact the Groups Team with any other questions.

  • Young Adults | College & 20’s

    What We Do:

    Join us on Thursday nights for community, teaching and small group discussion!

    When We Meet:

    • St. Charles Campus | Thursdays | 6:30-8pm | In the Landing
    • First Thursday of each month is community fun nights at varying locations
    • Connect with us here for more info and updates!

  • 30’s & 40’s Group

    What We Do:

    Join us Thursday nights for community and discussion-based Scripture study!

    When We Meet:

    • St. Charles Campus | Thursdays | 6:30pm | In the Landing Lower Level Room 12
    • Contact our Groups Team for more information or to connect with this group!

  • Women’s Groups

    What We Do:

    We have various women’s groups that meet on campus, including MOPS, Harvester Moms, and Women’s Bible studies.

    When We Meet:

  • Men’s Groups

    What We Do:

    Men coming together to learn how to be more like Jesus in all areas of their lives.

    When We Meet:

    • Off Campus | Every other Tuesday or Thursday night | 7pm | At Vic Miller’s house
    • On Campus | Wednesday nights | 6:30-8pm | In Elementary Auditorium Room 171 (Enter building through Door 6)
    • Contact Justin Wood for more information and to connect with one of these groups!

  • Legacy Bible Study

    What We Do:

    Thursday, verse-by-verse Bible study, for all ages.

    When We Meet:

    • St. Charles Campus | Thursday mornings | 9:30am | In the Chapel (Sept 7-Nov 16)
    • All are welcome!
    • Contact the Groups Team for more information!

Get RightNow Media on Us!

We want to give you the FREE gift of having access to RightNow Media, a HUGE online Bible-study tool for all ages and stages of life! For more information and to request access, visit harvester.cc/rightnow.

Groups Team

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Adult Ministry Pastor

Meg Skaggs
Groups Pastor

Justin Wood
Groups Pastor

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Adult Ministries Assistant