Unleashing generosity | November 19-28TH


Nicaragua, the second-poorest country in the hemisphere, faces even more dire poverty and hunger in the Miskitu tribe. There is an urgent need for sustainable agriculture to combat hunger in Nicaraguan communities. By offering training, livestock, and seeds, our valued partner, Harvest Initiative, seeks to mobilize local efforts for long-term hunger-reduction.

Join us this Give Hope to be a part of unleashing generosity and impacting communities in Nicaragua.

Our goal is to resource one hundred families with seed, enabling them to grow food for themselves and their community.

All funds given over and beyond this need will go toward support the on-going, non-profit work in communities all over St. Louis and the world.


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Metro-East St. Louis

Good Samaritan Ministries serves the Metro-East through education, after-school programs, and meeting the basic spiritual and physical needs of the community.

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Lincoln County

Harvester Christian Church Assistance Ministry provides food distribution and financial relief for residents in Lincoln County. Coordinated Entry provides assistance for people who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness in St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren Counties.

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Czech Republic

Spencer and Tereza Steel serve at Beskydy Mountain Academy as Student Life coordinators, teaching families from a variety of backgrounds.