Harvester has an incredible staff team! Our staff culture is characterized by men and women who display four attributes:

  • Humble (We know that Jesus is the head of the church, not me)
  • Hungry (We are hungry to grow professionally.)
  • Hustle (We work with effective urgency.)
  • Healthy (We prioritize personal health and spiritual formation.)

We believe that when a person has all four attributes they end up demonstrating a contagious positivity, a can-do creativity, and a church-mentality that makes being part of our team a blast! If you think you’d be a good fit for our team as an employee at Harvester Christian Church we encourage you to apply for one of our available positions.


Current Job Openings

Student Worship Director, Student Team | Part-Time, Support Staff

The Student Worship Director will be the primary Worship Leader for both the Middle School and High School program environments. This will include scheduling, training, and recruiting students and volunteers for the worship and tech teams. This person will also contribute to Student Team Meetings, and other events such as the HS Fall Retreat and MS F2 Retreat. He/She will work closely with both the MS and HS Pastors to create engaging worship environments to help students encounter Jesus.

The right candidate should be able to demonstrate:

    • A love for Jesus, Harvester, and Harvester’s staff.
    • Self-Motivation and excellent time management skills.
    • A knowledge and skill in leading worship and helping students with their instruments/skills.
    • Either a knowledge or ability to learn our programming elements (HOG Lighting, ProPresenter, Ableton, Planning Center).

Apply at harvester.cc/jobs by May 31, 2022.

Application Instructions

1. Read the Philosophy of Ministry 2022

2. Review available position profiles.

3. Click the Apply Now button to start!

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