Harvester has an incredible staff team! Our staff culture is characterized by men and women who display three attributes:

  • Humble (We know that Jesus is the head of the church, not me)
  • Hungry (We are hungry to grow in spiritual health and personal ministry skills)
  • Hustle (We work with effective urgency so that we can rest just as effectively)

We believe that when a person has all three attributes they end up demonstrating a contagious positivity, a can-do creativity, and a church-mentality that makes being part of our team a blast! If you think you’d be a good fit for our team as an employee at Harvester Christian Church we encourage you to apply for one of our available positions.


Current Job Openings:


MEDIA ARTS DIRECTOR – Full Time Position (STC Campus)

This position will lead the Media Arts Staff in spearheading Harvester’s efforts to develop a digital discipleship pathway that leads people from digital platforms to relational environments.

Demonstrate experience in…

      • digital branding, graphic design, and video production.
      • digital platform management (social media, websites, SEO, podcasts, etc).
      • multi-staffed digital teams that use project management systems.

Personal Characteristics

      • a growing love for Jesus and his church.
      • a heart for St. Louis and those far from Jesus.
      • can lead teams from innovation to implementation.

A job description will be available upon request to those who fill out an application.

Apply Here

Application Instructions

1. Read the Philosophy of Ministry document

2. Review available position profiles.

3. Click the Apply Now button to start!