David was a man after God’s own heart and his secret was to have no secrets with the Father. Through honest prayers, that embrace all our emotions, we start seeing ourselves the way God sees us.

VISION | 2022

As we enter a new year, we take another look at our refreshed vision for Harvester Christian Church.


Where do we find the light of Jesus when our world seems overpowered by darkness? Jesus came to be the light of the world, but what does that look like in our lives?

GIVE HOPE | Nov 2021

The transformation that is happening in us was meant to be unleashed into every corner of creation. But what does it look like to unleash the Hope of Jesus to our communities?

WANDERING | Oct - Nov 2021

We live for mountain top experiences but end up wandering in the wilderness. Maybe that season of wilderness is not so bad because in the wilderness is where we find God.

LIFE ON THE VINE | Aug - Sep 2021

Before Jesus was betrayed and killed, leading the disciples to scatter and question everything, he gave them an important truth to cling to: Life is found in me. So remain in me, no matter what comes next.

POP GOD | July - Aug 2021

Some of the most popular ideas about God don’t come from the Bible, they come from culture. What’s popular about God isn’t the same as what’s actually true about God.


The church in Acts was a Spirit-led, Jesus-centered, community who sacrificed in big ways to see the world changed. If we’re going to do the same, we need to get back to that old-time religion in the book of Acts.

CRAZY FAITH | May 2021

“Crazy Faith” is a faith that’s obedient to Jesus, no matter how it may look in the moment. Our giving, praying, and serving may look crazy to the rest of the world. But to Jesus it looks like love.

NEXT UP | Apr 2021

God’s plans outlast our lifespans. Intentionally passing along the faith to the next generation is how we participate in God’s future plans.

SEVEN CHURCHES | Jan - Feb 2021

Seven Churches in the book of Revelation received words of warning & encouragement from Jesus, the Son of God. Blessed are those who hear & keep what is written.

RENEW | Jan 2021

What does it look like to renew ourselves in Christ? A fresh look into Isaiah 40:31.

EPHESIANS | Nov 2020

Ephesians reminds us that our hope is in Jesus, who is above all rulers and authorities. Despite what’s happening in the world we can victoriously Pray, Unite, Praise and Love.


There is a difference between heavenly investments and earthly investments. Jesus tells us that one investment rots, while the other lasts forever.

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY | July - Aug 2020

Board games are fun until you start to lose! Join us as we explore life lessons taken from popular board games that will help you win in the game of life.

EASTER | Apr 2020

Life. Death. And then…MORE LIFE! That’s Jesus’ story and the story he offers each one of us.

JOSEPH | Sept - Oct 2019

Joseph was able to stay faithful to God in a variety of unexpected circumstances. This is an 8 week look at his life.

WE CHURCH | Aug 2019

A "We" church is so much more fulfilling than a "Me" church. We were made for community, not isolation.


We pretend to have a sacred hearts, but even many of us have hidden secrets. This series we take a look at doubt, hatred, prejudice, despair & lust.

BE WEIRD | June 2019

Debt is normal, but normal isn't working. You were created for more than emptiness. Don't be normal. Be weird.

ENGAGE | Apr - May 2019

Our faith was never meant to sit in the garage making noise, but going nowhere. It was meant to be driven into the church, city and world.

REDEEMED | Apr 2019

This Easter we will seek to understand together why redemption is only possible through Jesus, and what it looks like to live a life redeemed!

EASTER WEEK | Apr 2018

A three part story about how Jesus became King from Palm Sunday to Good Friday and then Easter Sunday.

THE BIG GIVE | Dec 2017

God showed his love by giving a big gift: Jesus. Therefore, when we are generous, we show that we love God by loving the people he loves.

BELIEVE | Sep 2017-Jul 2018

What we believe in our hearts will define who we become. In this series we explore the foundational beliefs, practices and virtues of Christianity.


Harvester Christian Church is all about leading people to find and follow Jesus. And this is how we're moving ahead with that mission!


Every phase of life, from childhood to retirement, has distinct opportunities and challenges. And no phase lasts forever...so don't miss it!


The Biblical Feasts described in the Old Testament are seen as a thing for the past. But they teach us a lot about our Lord in the present.